Manual Transfer switch for 80amp Subpanel with 30amp or 50amp Inlet for Portable Generator

  • Controls inside panel only, lights and outlets
    • Depends on portable generator size
    • Will not control A/C.
  • Will include grinder if house has one
  • Will require power to be turned off for about an hour by our electrician.
  • Cord cap included if needed
    • 30amp or 50amp cord cap?


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Need for estimate:

  1. Pictures of:
    • Exterior Electrical Panel showing breakers inside
    • Side of house (roof to ground) showing the Exterior Electrical Panel and surrounding area
    • Interior Electrical Panel showing breakers inside
    • Both of the generator cord ends (if you have a generator cord)
    • 50amp Generator Cord Cap or 30amp-Generator-Cord-Cap